Content for Your Business.

Content is an important of any marketing strategy. Content  strategy plays a key role in helping make sure your content is doing it’s job. If you’re doing things right, your content should help boost your SEO, increasing your rank on search engine results and it should help your audience.

(Source: Bantam Media)

If your content is boosting these two aspects of your business you’re doing a great job. However, writing and publishing is simply not enough. You must also make sure you are properly promoting your content.

More than that, you should also be updating and repurposing content where possible. There reason for that, more than just saving time, is also that Google likes to see articles and content that have been updated to be current and accurate for the time.

This will help boost your content and overall ranking with the Google algorithm, which is always a good thing. So, in order to help you get the most out of your content marketing, we will go over how to repurpose and promote your content to get the most out of every word.

Content management should also include a strategy that revolves around posting consistently, at more or less the same time so as your build your audience they know what to expect and when to expect it.

Always remember, you are writing for your readers first and SEO and brand awareness second.

Repurposing Content

So to simplify the game here a little bit, there are two ways you should be looking at your content and understand the value behind it. For starters, the easiest way to go about all this is to look over your blogs and see which of your articles need sprucing up.

If you have the “8 Best Ways to Beat Athletes Foot”, but new products and methods have since emerged since you’ve published, this is your opportunity to update your work.

The benefits here are 3 fold:

  1. Appreciation from Google for staying current

  2. Reaching new audience members who may not have seen the first post

  3. Giving audience members who’ve seen it the best possible information

The second way is how can you take content that was previously in one form and translate into a different form of content. What am I talking about? Say you have written an article on the “6 Best Ways to Peel an Orange”, you can also turn it into a video or infographic.

The value here is similar to what we discussed above with the added benefit of reaching new people who prefer to digest information in different ways. For instance, I prefer infographics above all else.

I just like them better, I will stop scrolling on my Facebook feed to read just about any infographics simply because it gives you a lot of information in a fast way with visual aids. Some people prefer reading, others videos, etc.

The diversity is what allows for content repurposing to be so relevant. For 27 ways to repurpose your content with purpose follow the hyperlink.  

Content Promotion

Along with generating and repurposing comes the difficult task of content promotion. It is equally as important, possibly more so. Content promotion includes posting your content on your media channels, sending out email blasts, finding forums where questions that are being asked can be answered with your content and of course getting in touch with influencers in your field.

To break it down, we will go over some content promotion tips to help you get your message out strongly.

Content Promotion Tips

  1. Social Media - Make the most of an article you’ve written by using different clippings from your article to create multiple Twitter posts that will promote the same piece of content. The same can be applied to your Facebook but not as much as Twitter. In Twitter you can promote the same piece 15+ times in one day, whereas Facebook would be tops 3. To get an idea, take different parts of your article that you think are eye catching and use them as the header of your post. (I initially came across this tip from Neil Patel)  

  2. Influencers - If you mention an influencer in your content (which you should, it helps SEO when you link out to authorities, Google really likes that), send them an email letting them know you referenced them. Hopefully, they appreciate your work and publish it on their channels because it’s good for them. (This is from Brian Dean)

  3. Forums - Leave links to your articles in forums where your potential audience is asking questions. Quora and Reddit are great places to start, but be careful on Reddit not to come across as too self promotional. Reddit doesn’t like it and your reader probably won’t like it either.

  4. Email - Include links to your blogs in your newsletter or weekly mailing routine. These people are on your list for a reason, they likely need your help.

  5. Schedule Strategy - Try creating an organized posting schedule with different types of content being published and promoted at certain times to find out what is the best posting schedule for you. Track the results of your social media efforts and measure growth week after week, making adjustments when you see fit. Experiment and read.

All of this is a stepping stone to digital growth for your business. Whether it is a warehouse, e-commerce, pizza store it doesn’t matter publishing content across your channels is essential for the growth of your small business.

Make sure you’re maximizing marketing efforts by tracking your engagement and traffic. Find your winning formula and good luck!