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Must-have for any small business

Solomoto is an online platform for small and medium businesses.
We offer easy-to-use tools to manage your activity on the web, social media and mobile.
All our tools proved increased efficiency for hundreds of customers.
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  • Website

    We offer readymade designs and widgets. Just apply and customize your content to achieve your business objectives.

  • Ecommerce

    Selling online has never been easier. Simply add an online store to your website and receive instant payments.

  • Loyalty&Content

    Easy-to-use post scheduler helps you posts automatically. A simple “set it and forget it” approach for all your social pages to save you time logging in over and over, and over again. We also update new and fresh readymade content daily to make sure you have what you need to succeed!

  • Advertising

    Launch ad campaigns in Facebook, Instagram and Google at the same time and track performance in one place. Reap the benefits of an intuitive ad wizard and ready ad suggestions!

  • Market

    Every market is unique and needs to be treated accordingly. For that reason, Solomoto is currently on a mission to provide American business owners with the best possible tools. Your patience will be rewarded with new widgets and marketing tools to make your story a success story.

Why you need Solomoto?

Your clients are already online and social - so why aren’t you? Online presence and sales is the only way to compete in a fast growing business world.

Everything you need is here

  • 100+ Website Templates

    We have suitable templates for any business category, with more than 100 designs.

  • Hosting & Domains

    Completely free domains and hosting! Or connect your own domain without a hitch!

  • Readymade content

    From website customization to ad imagery and text. Solomoto keeps you ready with readymade content!

  • Useful Analytics

    Analytics on your communities, website, online store and ads - all in one place.

  • All media platforms on one screen

    Launch Facebook, Instagram and Google campaigns and analyze statistics all in one place.

  • Create once - publish everywhere

    Your website and online store publishing to web and Facebook at once.

Meet our happy clients

Thousands of our clients already made real success in their business with us!
Join and boost your profits just like they did!

  • Launching online sales is so simple!

    I have been looking for a tool to create online store for my new business – sushi delivery service. It was a pleasant surprise that after registration I was automatically suggested an appropriate template for my store – a template for sushi restaurants. I immediately decided to set up my store in Solomoto!

    Setting site and store took me a few hours, the site took about 15 minutes (nothing complicated, step-by-step guide), the rest was spent on configuring store. Within 2 months I got almost 200 orders, including orders from social networks.

    Max Sushi delivery "Origami Sushi"
  • Launched new business thanks to Solomoto

    We have been dreaming of opening a beauty studio of lashes correction but were completely short of funds. Rent and other expenses made us desperate. Plus necessity to find clients online. Website creation by freelancers costs much. My brother was searching net and found Solomoto - it actually made us start business. We made a fancy site in a few hours. It seems fantastic, but it's absolutely real!

    In Solomoto we also launched Google ads. Within 4 months we served more than 70 clients and our revenues are growing day-to-day!

    Julia Eyelashes correction studio
  • Solomoto will fit any business!

    We launched ads in Facebook using Solomoto to promote our sketch school "Main Line Sketch School". The goal was to find additional participants for our class in short terms. Solomoto was the right choice: within a week we got 2 new participants and the class was started. Now we are launching a new class with the help of Solomoto of course! Recently we also launched Google ads in Solomoto for another project - online store of hats for people who faced cancer. Hope to share positive results soon but already sure - Solomoto tools will fit any business with most sophisticated goals!

    Julia Projects "Main Line Sketch School", "Golova"